Tom Paine: Opposition Amongst The Founding Brothers

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Opposition Amongst the Founding Brothers Introduction Thomas Paine “Welcome to the Tom Paine show. We are here to discuss the controversy among the founding fathers. Here are our guests. Introducing George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. The main focus of today’s show is Washington retirement and conflicts it caused.” Questions 1. Thomas Paine “Thomas Jefferson, how come you hate George Washington? Why is your relationship with Washington strained?” Thomas Jefferson “Washington and I had different views on certain issues. For instance, his actions taken during his second term were quite questionable. 2. Thomas Paine “Would care to elaborate on Washington’s actions?” Jefferson “Some of his actions used unnecessary force such as during the Whiskey Rebellion. 3. Paine…show more content…
Paine “Well George Washington, one bad decision after another, I think we should talk about Jay’s Treaty. Do you think it was the right decision?” Washington “Well I ….” Jefferson “I believe this was an utterly absurd action taken during your presidency. How could we side with the British when France was the nation who helped us gain our independence from the oppression of the British? As a revolutionary republic, we must do our part in upholding the revolutionary ideas. Washington “Well if you would have let me continue, I would have told you the reason I had to side with the British. First off, they were still asserting their power over us. This was shown when the British were taking our merchant ships and occupying our docks with their boats. Another reason was British is a very strong nation, very fit to defeat France. This thought was in my mind while making my decision, I knew Britain would win the war that was going on with France, so siding with Britain would bring along the sturdiness and lasting of our nation. If we would have sided with France, the result would have been the corruption and the fall of our fledgling
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