Tom O Brien's The Things They Carried

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I didn’t pick a specific passage for the author’s tone; I read the book and got the overview of the tone instead because the tone is so bipolar throughout the book due to the multiple soldiers in it. The Things They Carried by Tom O’Brien is a powerful outlook on the experiences of “grunts” or low-ranked soldiers in the Vietnam War and after the war. The author was a grunt during the late 60s in the Vietnam War, so his book is concurrently a group of fictional short stories, a war autobiography, and writer's memoir. O’Brien made it very clear that his book was to be considered a work of fiction. O'Brien immediately and most likely deliberately blurs the line between fact and fiction by dedicating the novel to certain individuals that the reader soon discovers…show more content…
Adding on to my previous thoughts, the reason why the sentences are so casual is because the novel overall was created to emphasize the life style and thought processes of soldiers during the war with the use of vulgar diction/profanity and the use of slang. The longer sentences in the book are generally used to describe an entire or used to provide imagery to the reader. The shorter/simpler sentences are used to make quick statements and to get right to the point. With the use of short sentences, O’Brien can express a clear concise straight into the reader which allows for a quicker understanding of a character’s current circumstances or mood. With the use of long sentences, O’Brien uses vivid imagery which allows the readers to use their own five senses to paint their own ideas of the war scenes being described. The use of imagery really provokes the reader to make mental images in their head to visualize how horrible the war was. With the use of those short sentences I mentioned above and also the use of commas, O’Brien provides the reader time to shortly stop and build the scene inside of their

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