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‘Into the World’ can be defined as aspects of growing up and transitions into new phases of an individual’s life. It can be transitioning naturally, or change being forced upon a person. In either case, any individual venturing into new experiences will encounter obstacles, however they may also gain significant rewards. This is explored to a significant extent in both “The Story of Tom Brennan” by J.C Burke and John Carter’s recount from the website “The Forgiveness Project”. Both of these texts portray similar characters who have gone through tragic experiences in their life caused by their dire and avoidable actions which has also affected other people. Tom Brennanfrom t¬¬¬¬¬he J.C Burke novel experiences obstacles and changes into the world through Daniel Brennan, his brother who caused an accident which severely affected their family and also the life of his victims.For instance, Tom had changed from being a respected and talented rugby player to being hated and even exiled from his own town. His transition from one town to another signifies his initial movement into a new world and is a catalyst for significant changes in the life of Tom and his family. This…show more content…
Tom’s relationship with his new rugby team in helped him move on from the accident and made him realize winning was not everything. This can befound in the line “Bennie’s had reminded me that the game was better when the team was united and loving it”. The use of the verb “reminded” conveys the idea that Tom had forgotten the reason he started playing football in the first place, but now this relationship with his team has allowed him to realise again that winning is not as important as friendship and supporting your friend. This allowed him to personally grow as a better person who cherishes his friends and have a positive outlook on the

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