Tom Brady Essay

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Hillmand Mehdavi 3/26/2012 Speech 101 Topic: How Tom Brady went from a nobody to one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play football. Organizational Pattern: Topical Specific Purpose: The audience will learn how Tom Brady went from an under looked player Thesis Statement: Tom Brady was the 199th pick of 2000 NFL draft whom by prospects was expected to be a bust instead he went on to win 3 Superbowls. Introduction Attention getter: Has anyone ever been doubted and proved someone wrong? Audience Benefits: So many people now a days when doubted just simply give up even talented ones. Tom Brady shows that having heart beats out having any talent. Credibility: I use to always let people get to my head when they told me I couldn’t do something I simply gave up. After watching Tom Brady go through adversity and shine he became a role model. Learned people can never tell you what you can’t and can do. Preview: Tom Brady was once a highschool bench warmer and a 4th string college quarterback and now a hall of fame quarterback. Transition: After watching him over the years it was hard to believe he was once the worst player in his high school and college teams. Body I. Main Point: How did Tom Brady go from a nobody to a all time great. A. Tom Brady always worked hard and although not gifted with talent he was a great at studying a lot. Even in the NFL he was a 4th string quarterback and was only kept on the roster because the Patriots had no one else to sign. B. With hard work he made it to the 2nd string quarterback quarterback with a little miracle the 1st string quarterback of his team got injured and it was his turn to step up. C. Once he got the starting role he never looked back. Unlike many other young quarterbacks he was prepared for the day he would get a shot at playing. D. He went on in the 2001
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