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Tom Jones and Clarissa Compare and contrast Clarissa and Tom Jones as narratives about the struggle between daughters and their fathers over the daughters' marital fates. Both involve a father attempting to force his daughter to marry a man of his choosing. Regardless of the fact that one is a tragic and the other a comic treatment of this theme, discuss whether Richardson and Fielding at bottom agree or disagree about what a parent's power and a child's rights ought to be. Clarissa Harlowe in Clarissa, and Sophia in Tom Jones, both deal with the struggle of having to marry men whom they felt nothing for. The fact that they were single, innocent, powerful women made them available for their families to choose their mate. Clarissa and Sophia are two completely different characters in a similar situation. For example, the desire of not wanting to marry the men their fathers had chosen for them. Another example, is both women standing up to their fathers and running away in order to escape their fate. Clarissa as well as Sophia both hate their chosen ones. Both women are kind and generous. On one hand, Sophia comes from a wealthy family and 2 falls in love with a “bastard”. A status Sophia’s father was not impressed of. On the other hand, Clarissa inherited her grandfathers estate when he died. Clarissa had no wish in marrying anyone. But her father insisted in order to gain status. Clarissa’s family commands her to marry a rich, ugly man named Roger Solmes. Roger Solmes had money and Clarissa’s father wanted that brought in to the family. Clarissa’s father and family pushed her to run away by locking her away and taking means in order to stop Lovelace and Clarissa from getting together. Clarissa, although according to her family, was being selfish and disobedient by not listening to her father and family she didn't get the law involved. This

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