Tolstoy: Meaning of Life

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"today or tomorrow sickness an death will come (and they have already arrived) to those dear to me, an to my self, an nothing to remain other than the stench and the worms." so in this i think what tolstoy ment was nothing of him, himself, will be carry on into the future and the memory of him would vanish forever and all that will be left is his roiting corpse. so how do people continue living after knowing this. I think what tolstoy came to the concluion that the simple, uneducated.and without weath people live more happy meaningfull lives,then do the rich adn powerful. I think that wealthier families do not apreciate all that they have or each other.poor people struggle and are more desevering of love therefore are more family oriented. The Rich do not respect the aspects of life, they dont strive for their wealth and success. In the past it was more common to be born into a class of weath then to have earned it. Every country has a culture an every culture has a religion but yet still all exist on faith. In order to have a religion u must believe in something and to believe in something is to have faith. In order to have Tradition you must have culture and religion. Tolstoy’s goal was to guide us in his belief that happiness is objective. We don’t create it, we find it, or better, it finds us. Happiness brings us together, it brings out our silarities. It does not seperate us. It gives us unity and agreement. I believe that unhappiness is uterly confusion. when we are given too many choices it is easier to do what is just expected of us.There are countless ways to be unhappy and unlike happiness, it drives us apart. This view of happiness can only be true, only because it’s valid of all things that are meaningful. Contrary to the existentialists , we are not free to find our own interpretation, of meaning. Jean-Paul Sartre thought that freedom was the
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