Tolie Monologue

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Does it take tragedy to teach a lesson? I was sound asleep and my phone rings, I answer it to hear a terrified voice on the other end, “Erin, you have to come get me, you have to come get me now, please”. I would know the voice from anywhere, it was my best friend Tolie and this was not her typical phone call, it was one that would change my life, our lives, forever. I hop out of bed, throw on my clothes, grab the keys and run for the front door. Normally, I would not have had a car to drive but 2 hours earlier I had taken my mom to the airport, she went to Chicago for training, and had left me her car to use while she was gone. Even though she did not tell me where she was I knew where to go. She was at Matt’s, my best friend and her…show more content…
Without even thinking, I throw the car into park, jump out and run towards the house. I am looking all over for Tolie, Matt, or anyone else that can tell me what is going on. I see Tolie’s car parked in front of Matt’s house and his car behind hers. If both their cars are here then where are they, they were curious and would be out here like everyone else to see what was going on I think to myself, unless they are hurt and then my heart starts to race even…show more content…
Matt got up to see what was going on and walked in to see Tim sitting on the floor in a pool of blood with a knife in his chest. Matt asked him what he was doing and told Tolie to call for help. Tim stood up from the floor, pulled the knife out of his chest and told Matt to leave him alone. Matt told Tim that he was going to get him help and Tim chased Matt into his room where he stabbed Matt for the first time. Tolie was laying on Matt’s bed where she screamed for Tim to stop. Matt fell to the floor and crawled to the back door when Tim stabbed him

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