I told you I knew Essay

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Christmas Eve was just around the corner. Alfred and Tanya had been driving for around 20 minutes in search of the nearest hospital in town. With only six hospitals in the small state of Rhode Island, and only one near the house worried the couple. Their third son was on the verge of being born. The pain shuddered through Tanya’s entire body. She felt her gold locks of hair turn brown from the pain and aggravation she was getting with the urge of the child coming. “Ugh! Alfred, drive faster I can’t take this pain any longer!” Tanya yelled while trying to keep her cool knowing that this would be the third and final time she planned on going through the same pain. “Sweetie, just take deep breaths, you know how to handle this. Besides we’re almost there, so within a couple more minutes you’ll be a happy mother of three children,” Alfred tried extremely hard to calm down his wife that at 40 years old had been married to him for 16 years. Not thinking of the pain, Tanya began taking deep breaths and tried to relax. ... “Merry Christmas, Honey. Go and wake the kids to open the gifts,” Alfred couldn’t be any happier to be the father of three lovely boys. As Tanya walked into her children’s room Alfred made his was to the Christmas tree. Joe, the oldest son at 7 years old was prepared for his 7th pair of Power Rangers brand shoes. He had been receiving a new different style of shoe since his first Christmas. Nick, the middle son at 4 years old, woke up the earliest because of the anxiety of opening up his gifts and trying out all his new toys. Kevin, the youngest most recent born child at 5 days of age, had the hardest time waking up. His tiny sea foam eyes were swollen from crying the whole night. “Yes! This is the exact color and design I wanted for Christmas. Thanks Santa!” Joe’s excitement was shown through his sea green eyes. They sparkled to the

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