Tok: Is Math Discovered Or Invented? Essay

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Is math discovered or invented? The question whether the concept of math was discovered or invented has been a big debate among people all around the world even till today. Everyone can have their own opinions and give evidence and argue that they are right. However, no one can know and knows the truth. The argument against those who say that math is invented is that no one came up with adding 1+1=2. This is just something that is. On the other hand, the argument against those who say that math is discovered is that it comes from nowhere. How and where are they finding these equations and problems? In my opinion, math is discovered. We can find math everywhere, if we look hard enough. Even in nature we can find math. For example, the Fibonacci sequence is found in pineapples, daisy buds, pinecones, the number of branches and stems of plants, and the most commonly known; shell spirals. People just have to look to find a mathematical pattern in everything. Starting from the beginning of humanity, adding numbers, subtracting numbers has been so common that we do not recognize that it was first discovered that we could count up how many of things there were. For example, a caveman tells his son to go bring rabbits. How many does the son bring? Maybe he first brings one, but then the father says he needs another one, so the son brings another one. They can both see that now they have two rabbits. They have discovered that you can tell how many you want and how many there are of something. Numbers seem like basic knowledge to us and we cannot imagine not knowing them. However, children do not understand the logic of numbers until it is taught to them. If it were not taught to them, just like how it was not taught to the cavemen in the example, we would figure it out, because our brains are so mentally developed. The more complicated things come after we

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