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RESEARCH I can justify research as the most effective way of justifying knowledge claim. I can say research because it has a great advantage to other ways of justifying that is sight, memory, hearing, and reading. Research is never put down with out proof, if someone researches on soil he will give a result about the soil in an area, he may say that the soil is not good for this type of plants, that does not mean research is done another person will do the same and if the results are same then research is done can be said. Text books which show or tell people about research can never be wrote for the seek of writing and making profit by giving wrong information, After the research has been done by two or more people and the result is same, the book publisher may do it once more to check, validate and verify the information then the publisher will put the information. So Research can be an effective way of justifying knowledge after all it can not be put down with no proof or verifying it. Like law which says that they is gravitational force acting towards the earth that means things thrown up has to come down because of gravitational force. If someone does not believe it he/she can try it to see if it is true or not. I can say research as the most effective way because if in a text book a result of some research is given, if a teacher or a student or any reader of that book does believe the books information he or she can try it out the same research and see if the results which is in the book is same as he or she has obtained. So not only researchers can validate and verify their research even readers can do it but even thought the teacher or students or any other reader of the book does the research again the result in the book will be right unless he or she is reading an old version of the book and has not seen the update of it. Yes people can say that the

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