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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades (marks) encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Education is very important part of our lives and grades are one thing that can help students in a right way to accomplish. Some people may disagree with me that grades encourage student to learn in a better way, while others would agree. Grades help students to evaluate them selves. It also help parents and teachers to understand the individual’s weakness and strengths. This can make their future even batter. Thats why in my view grades are very important in one’s learning for many reasons. Firstly, grades help students to evaluate them selves. By evaluating one can understand their interests and depth of understanding of that subject. For example, when I was in school in India, we had a unique way of learning. We had grading systen since the first standard, because of which I was able to understand that my maths was weak. So to improve my self in maths I took it’s class since the start. Eventually I improved in that subject. Also it was because of grading system I was able to evaluate my inetrest of subject. Even without tutions I was doing great in science. Grades also helped me make my parents understand that I wanted to major in science subject and not maths. As you can see that grading is very helpful in one’s learning. Secondly, grading also motivates students to do good in their studies. It causes competition amongs students which further motivates them in doing excellent in their school. For example, my niece who lives in Mumbai, India. She is just 12 years old but she is not only good in her studies but she is great in extracurricular activities. My brother told me that she was always good in studies but she would never participate in other activies. He said that its because of grading system

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