Todays Technology Essay

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Today can you imagine yourselve without technological advances such as cell phones, microwave, computers, cars or television? Every industry that I can think of is driven by some form of techonology.Technology is not going away, but developing further in our everchanging society. Technology is accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods or knowledge. I will be discussing advantages and disadvantages of a few technology devices that affect me personally in my everyday life. I have been a user of a computer since the innovation of the PC Jr. home computer founded in 1981. My favorite electronics today would be my Macbook Pro Computer. I love the applications of a computer and I am amazed with how fast the technology highway has infiltrated our society today. I’ve been captivated with the computer. On a daily basis, I can have my computer at hand, my address book, word processor, ability to get directions for driving, compose and check emails, and read books from my computer screen. The main reason I use technology today is because it saves money, makes tasks easier to perform, and brings quicker response times to tasks throughout my day. For example, my electric toothbrush cleans my teeth more efficiently than my manual toothbrush plus it takes less time to brush my teeth. Another technology I use is an electric blanket which warms my bed instead of using my house heater. It cost three times as much in electricity to run the house heater. Next, I want to talk about the microwave oven. This invention is awesome: It is so nice to be able to heat-up food and eat it quick, than wait for the oven to preheat, then put your food in to reheat. The disadvantages on a daily basis with technology are electronics breaking down. As of today I have a computer with a three year warranty. I count on my computer so much everyday that I cannot be without

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