Today's Youth Essay

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A problem with today’s youth is that we tend to put ourselves in a box. For example, if there’s a blonde haired and blue eyed girl who cheerleads, we expect her to be snarky. If there’s a boy with long dark hair who also happens to wear skinny jeans we label him as “emo”. These stereotypes have been around my entire life. I unfortunately used to think the same way. I’m not sure why my mind was processing people by just looking at them, but I hadn’t been told anything different. The day was May 1, 2013. I was going to my local diner to pick up a to-go order when I ran into a guy named Emory. Yes, I actually ran into him. It was awkward, embarrassing, and unfortunate. (I spilled my milkshake) He stumbled a little bit, but quickly recovered. I apologized than continued on with my day. I went home, ate, read a book, and than went out with friends later that night. Maybe it was fate or most likely a coincidence, but I ran into the diner guy, Emory, again at a bookstore. It was quite a funny situation since I rarely see the same stranger twice in a day, but he was nice and we hit off. If I remember right, we talked for about four hours. Than, we exchanged numbers and began hanging out everyday. It was weird at first to do stuff together because from the outside we appear to be so different. My mom likes to say I’m very proper and put together while Emory is more of the tortured soul type. In fact, she says he looks like James Dean’s evil twin. James Dean is the “bad boy” type right? Ah. There I go again with the stereotypes. Anyways, what I originally thought about Emory was that he was some punk who liked to dress more “tough” than he should. However, as time passed I got to see the real him. He’s very intelligent, caring, adventurous, funny, and most importantly, not judgmental. Seriously, a person with hot pink hair and yellow eye shadow walked by once and he
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