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Brittney English 102H-02 Dr. Sasha Johnson-Coleman February 17, 2011 Today’s Society In Durkheim’s essay, “Individualism and the Intellectuals,” he bashes the entire idea, concept, and philosophy of Individualism and he bashes the philosophers. His main idea is that the government must place orders and restrictions on the people of the society so that the social order and government will be successful. Durkheim tends to look at situations as a whole and not at the individual himself or herself. Today’s society takes more of an individualistic stand based on how our country is run. People are allowed to do what they want, when they want to, how they want to and that is the basis of the concept of individualism. If one wants to be a doctor, one can; if one wants to be a tattoo artist, one can; even if one wants to drop out of high school, one can do that. In America, the government does not enforce very strict rules on its people. It is the law to go to school, and act in a decent manner at all times but nothing that is very strict as ordering people to go to a specific school or a specific job or only living in a specific place. But look at America now. We are in a very deep recession that is affecting many lives. If the government put a more strict order on its people, would we be in this predicament now? If the government ordered people to study financial trends or how to manage money correctly, then America would not be in this horrible situation now. I do not completely agree with Durkheim’s views but I agree to the extent that we should want our government to be successful because it is definitely a part of our lives. ------------------------------------------------- Reference Jacobus, L.A. (2010). Individualism and the Intellectuals. Boston, MA: Bedford/St.

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