Tobacco Columbian Exchange

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The Columbian Exchange brought diseases, plants, and animals over to both the New and Old World. The Columbian Exchange also linked both the New and Old World together in the year of 1492. This exchange had both positive and negative affects on the two different land masses, which lead to many changes to both of these worlds. Tobacco and horses, however, were both major sources brought from the New World to the Old World . I believe that the tobacco leaf was a deadly exchange and has affected the United States and most developing countries today, but the horse, on the other hand, was very beneficial to the New World. Tobacco is a stimulant drug discovered by the Native Americans and was passed along to the Europeans when Columbus discovered…show more content…
Tobacco kills half of its regular users, which is five million people every year(Global Trends). An estimated 1.3 billion people smoke tobacco(Global Trends). The reason why so many people die from tobacco products is because there is nicotine in the products which causes an addiction to the product, and forces the person to keep trying it. Consuming tobacco is one of the main reasons why people develop lung cancer. A study shows that people who don’t smoke tobacco live ten years longer then those who do smoke tobacco on a daily basis(Global Trends). People who smoke tobacco aren’t the only ones affected by the product, second hand smoke is also deadly to those around the substance. Tobacco contains nineteen known cancer causing chemicals. Tobacco use is deadly and needs to be taken control of before more people develop diseases and die, not only in the United States, but in all developing countries as well. Tobacco is a deadly plant that was given to the Europeans, but not all the plants in the Columbian Exchange were deadly; most were…show more content…
In some countries horses are a major source of food, both meat and milk. The horses, however, in industrialized countries can be used for leisure and for sports, such as horse racing and polo. While in other parts of the world they are still used for working. Horses today still have many important jobs. On cattle ranches the horse is used to round up the cattle that are scattered across remote rugged terrain. Also, in the mountains they have search teams that use the horses to look for lost hikers(Wikipedia,Horses). In poor countries they still use horses for agriculture and for getting from place to place. Even though technology has cut back on what a horse has to do, horses are still apart of our

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