To: You Essay

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the lights are out pitch black all are scilent the curtains are closed so tight not even a sliver of moonlight shines through not one whisper A match held in hand and stroked it smooth quick clear across the rough side of the box making a noise that she always loved it sounded like memory of so many birthdays past she inhales the smoke and arush of his cuban cigar smoke and the old lazy boy by the window every friday night this memory's smell ignited so many pasts The candles strung out across the choclate cake standing tall one after another lined in a row like tiny toy soliders in line for battle the cake was plain last minute but it was good enough for the celebration of just one little girl the room is lit up once the candles are ignited and all around are shadows glooms glows of portraits of laps of sofas and television sets of faces of past of present of future the groan of the crowd begins asong of repetition no joy no significants just one of those actions of habit everyone is spaced out staring holding the refelction of the candle in the dark pupils of their eyes completly ignoring and avoiding the tears in the little girl's eyes she shoudl be smilling like every little girl should with an abundance of presents which lay before her upon the plasitc worn table cloth covered with red and blue balloons and confetti the gifts are all wrapped so pretty cluttered together and yet beautiful in their own way how this bow is knotted the pretty greenstripped design on that box the one from mommy is wrapped in pink barbie paper grandma's is covered with glitter and used black wrapping paper with large and small stars grandma knew she always liked stars grand[as is a card gaurenteed with "i love yous" and ten dollars to buy her heart's treasure the rest are last minute dollar stor happy birtrhday cards and single color gift bags wrinkled and
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