To What Extent Was War Mostly Responsible for the Unification of Germany by 1871? Essay

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The German confederation was formed after the Vienna Settlement in 1815. During the 1860’s and 1870 Bismarck came into power and led Prussia in working with the German confederation to ascend in power and unify the confederation into a country. The German country would then be led by Prussia, with Bismarck in power. By 1871, this goal was eventually achieved after many contributing factors. The wars in which Prussia fought were undoubtedly significant to the unification of Germany, but however, I feel that it was not the sole factor that contributed to the unification of Germany. There were four key wars in which Bismarck was involved in between 1862-1871 that were a significant factor for the unification of Germany. They were the Polish revolt 1863, the Danish war 1864, the Austro-Prussian war 1866, and the Franco-Prussian war 1870-1871.In each war Prussia experienced a victory giving them the ability to create the German Empire in Bismarck’s ideals. The Danish war ended with the King of Denmark giving away his rights over Schleswig and Holstein. From this Bismarck gained the ability to have a sense of control over Austria as he was able to argue over control for Holstein at any time he desired. The Austro-Prussian war showed Austria that further wars which may have led to defeats would result in the breakdown of the Austrian Empire. As Austria began to back down, Prussia was in a position of power. This power enabled Prussia to dictate the signing of the Treaty of Prague. All northern states from the River Main were to be formed into a North German Confederation with Prussian leadership. This war was very significant to the unification of Germany as it was the beginning of Austria’s descent in power, with Austria losing control in decisions made within the German Confederation it gave Prussia the opportunity it needed to rise up in power and unify Germany. The

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