To What Extent Was The Vietnam War Johnson's War? Essay

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In the modern day, the Vietnam War is considered one of the biggest mistakes by the American government and nation through the Cold War era, if not the greatest. The cause of the war is often disputed amongst historians, where there were many factors that led to the escalation and perseverance of such a terrible war. Although it is generally agreed that a large amount of responsibility for the war should be attributed to President Johnson, there is debate to what extent the president is responsible. The most significant fact; Johnson was the president that got America into the Vietnam War. No other president had the will or even really considered sending in American soldiers into Vietnam. Eisenhower sent advice, money and gave support, but he did not start Kennedy, upon consideration of sending troops into Vietnam did not because he predicted that they were going to need to send in an exponentially increasing amount of soldiers to protect soldiers. Johnson wanted a “kiss-my-ass-at-high-noon-in-Macy’s-window and tell me it smells like roses” loyalty. Abe Fortas was considered his closest adviser, and he knew nothing about Vietnam; just about Johnson. Mansfield was asking important questions that Johnson ignored; “What US interest was at stake in little Vietnam”, “Why should a democracy like the US support military government in Saigon?”. Johnson in a secret memorandum of 1963: “the president expects that all senior officers of government will move energetically to ensure the full unity and support for… US policy in Vietnam” Gulf of Tonkin incident was not real, and the US was so ready to attack it seemed they were waiting for a reason to attack Vietnam. “Operation Rolling Thunder”; more bombs dropped in Vietnam than by all the nations during World War II. However, saying that Johnson was the only one to blame is not fair. First we must consider

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