Was The United States Constitution A Radical Departure Essay

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Nicole Brennan AP US History- Pd. 9 October 15, 2010 To what extent was the United States Constitution a radical departure from the Articles of Confederation? The Second Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation to establish the laws and government of the newly independent country of the United. The Articles of Confederation however proved to be quite flawed. They were far from perfect leaving many people unhappy with them. To resolve the issues brought about by the Articles the Constitution was produced to mend the flaws of its antecedent. Many people felt the changes brought to the government by the Constitution proved to be an extremely radical departure from the old government that had been established by the Articles and proved too weak for the new country.…show more content…
The Articles established the new governmental system that was going to be instilled. After the troubles that the states went through under the British flag the colonial government tried establishing a government with limited power over the American people. Rather than uniting the people of the United States the government established by the Articles of Confederation did the opposite. Instead it gave the individual states more power to govern themselves rather than giving the power to the federal government. It established a weak central government with strong individual state governments. Because of this the federal government was too weak to maintain control over all the colonies, which led to many problems amongst the states. It left the country without a political leader such as a president. It also left the country no way to pay off the war debts from the previous years and it was lacking a tax
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