To What Extent Was the Impact of the First World War Crucial to the Success of the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution of October 1917?

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During the heart of World War 1, Tsarist Russia fell to the Bolsheviks. World War One and its impact is at times portrayed to be a crucial factor to this success. However, it was vital to the situation but to put so much emphasis on the war is not necessary especially when there were many long-term social and political issues that helped and secured the success of the Bolsheviks in 1917. Some of these included the failure of the Tsar as a leader and his decision like the appointment of Rasputin and Stolypin, Russia itself and its peoples’ mentality and even influential individuals such as Lenin It is evident that the First World War had some sort of impact on the revolutions of 1917 because they happened during the war. Historians such as Steven Main argue, “WWI had given birth to the USSR1”. Which is what the Bolsheviks and Lenin would later turn Russia into. Like most wars, the First World War had a massive impact on Russia as a country and its people. The war like most took a toll on the economy and due to the fact that Russia was less industrially developed than its allies, France and Britain, this meant that they had to work harder to keep up with ammunition production as well as normal amenities such as food. As there was a shortage of supplies, standard “supply and demand” went up and inflation occurred and because 80% of Russian people were peasants and already poor this meant that many people went without causing famine. Famine in the degree that Russia had experienced made the Russian people want a change and to be rid of war, which ironically enough the Bolsheviks were offering. Food was not the only thing in shortage, so was fuel. As an undeveloped nation, Russia used coal and fuel to do everything from lighting fires to stay warm and cook food to transporting soldiers to where they needed to be. Due to the huge infrastructure of Russia, transporting
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