To What Extent Was Nicolas Ii Responsible for His Own Downfall Essay

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To what extent was Nicolas II responsible for his own downfall? There were many factors that added up to the collapse of the Romanov Dynasty, but undoubtedly the last tsar Nicolas II played a large part in many factors such as Political and military decisions. There were also alot of long term and short term; some being the lack of industrial revolution, the political and economic problems, the war and the size or Russia itself. Tsar Nicholas II was a very poor leader for the people of Russia as he lacked the leadership skills previous leaders had. His poor leadership qualities lead too many problems within Russia that were not dealt with very well. For example he did not trust the Duma, and in 1906 the first Duma was introduced and after 72 days Nicholas got rid the Duma as he did not believe in their policies and he did not trust them. This angered many people as they saw the Duma as a chance to change Russia to the more liberal state they wanted. Nicholas was not giving anyone a chance to speak and help him to change Russia, the only person he did take advice was from Rasputin who was seen as corrupted and make the Tsar look bad. Nicholas poor leadership and traditional beliefs meant that there was little change in Russia, outside Russia many countries were further advancing in industrialization where as Russia was still lacking behind. Possibly the most fatal mistake that the Tsar made was appointing himself Commander in Chief of the Russian military as he was suddenly personally responsible for the many defeats in the first world war. The most devastating being the Brusilov Offensive of June 1916, killing about 1.5 million soldiers. The people of Russia felt let down. However, it was not just the Russian people who felt let down by the Tsar’s actions, the soldiers themselves began to desert, in some cases even killing their own officers. This led to the

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