To What Extent Was Llywelyn Ap Gruffydds Political Misjudgement Responsible For The Downfall Of The Welsh Principality In 1277? Essay

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To What Extent Was Llywelyn Ap Gruffydd’s Political Misjudgement Responsible For The Downfall Of The Welsh Principality In 1277? In its initial form, Wales had been a state with limited territory. As of its governance, this followed the principles applied on other states at that particular period; in fact, after the independence of England from Roman Empire, Wales was developed as a separate state under the name of ‘Kingdom of Powys’. We could describe the boundaries of this state as follows “based on the Romano-English tribal lands of the Ordovices in the west and the Cornovii in the east, its boundaries originally extended from the Cambrian Mountains in the west to include the modern West Midlands region in the east” according to Davies . Llywelyn entered the governance of Wales in 1258 and he soon started to expand his power over the country through the achievement of a series of victories in the battles developed across England. In order to understand the responsibility of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd for the downfall of Wales in 1277 it is necessary to present primarily a series of details regarding the presence of Llywelyn on the Welsh throne and his main strategic decisions in order to protect the country from potential conquerors. Llywelyn ap Gruffydd has been characterized as a powerful monarch who has based his power on his military successes across the country. Despite that his achievements in the field of battle had been considerable; his ability to govern the country can be doubted. The research on the particular issue proved that Llywelyn had been a competent leader but with limited diplomacy skills. Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, who is also known as Llywelyn the Last or as ‘Llywelyn Ein Llyw Olaf’ was “one of the four sons of Gruffydd, the illegitimate son of Llywelyn the Great” according to the Wales Online article . He was born in 1228 and he died in 1282 and
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