To What Extent Was Land Huger the Cause of Colonisation (Greek World)

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To what extent was Land Hunger the cause of colonisation? Land hunger was not the only cause of colonisation but among other reason such as over-population and domestic strife it was definitely the greatest reason. In the following essay I will discuss the extent in which land hunger was the cause of colonisations along with comparing it with other reasons as listed above. A story told by Herodotus in C430 BC describes the story in which Cyrene was founded describing that the main cause for movement to be land hunger as it quotes “Seven years passed from the utterance of the oracle, and not a drop of rain fell in Thera: all the trees in the island, except one, were killed with drought.” Causing the Theran’s to move land after they had been ignorant of the oracles word “small account was taken of the oracle, as the Theran’s were quite ignorant where Libya was.” The Theran’s than sent a man in search of anyone who had travelled as far as Libya to show them the way, after they had remained in Libya for six years the “Libyans induced them to move” so they moved to a spring named Apollo’s Fountain as they were told “Here, Hellenes, is the proper place for you to settle; for here the sky leaks” proving that the importance of agriculture land was extremely high. Further quotes to support colonisation due agricultural land is from Andrews as he quotes “one would think that good agricultural land was the first consideration, attracting settlers who could no longer make a living at home, or were positively expelled by their native city like the colonists of Cyrene” as the quote despicably points out the colonisation of Cyrene. A quote by Andrews “We have no hesitation in believing that land hunger was the main stimulus to the colonising movement which began in the latter part of the eighth century, under very different conditions from those of the older migrations. The
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