To What Extent Was Khrushchev Successful

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How far can the reign of Khrushchev be seen as a success? After the death of Stalin, Khrushchev was the leader of the Ussr from september 1953 - october 14th 1964. The reign of khrushchev could be seen as an overall failure due to his failed reforms which cost him the support of the army, farmers/ workers. He was concerned with major events such as the cuban missile crisis, signing the warsaw pact, the soviet space program, the U-2 and berlin crisis and he also played an important part in de- Stalinisation. Under Khrushchev’s leadership russia experienced both political and agricultural reform in the form of abolishing the special tribunals, forced hospitalisation & planting the virgin lands of Kazakhstan and western Siberia. Khrushchev managed to defend his reputation through “the thaw” (de- Stalinsation process) in which censorship was lightened allowing novels that criticise Stalin to be published however there were still some restrictions. He also set the inmates who were sent to gulags to return home; followed by his speech denouncing his involvement with Stalin. The speech included Lenin’s will and testimony which warned the party against stalin; it also blamed Stalin for not making the ussr ready for German attack, his policies and the terror. Through de- stalinisation khrushchev also managed to send home the many…show more content…
The russians sent sputnik 1 in 1957 followed by sputnik 2 which allowed russia to put the 1st living creature into space (a dog) and then later in 1961 the 1st man on the moon Yuri Gagarin and soon the 1st woman into space Valentina Tereshkova. Rockets also allowed the russian’s to seize the oppurtunity to deliver nuclear warheads against the enemies of the ussr. However this meant a huge investment was spent on the space race rather that projects of immediate benefit to russian
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