To What Extent Was Germany Responsible for World War 1

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Ransom Smith Ms, Lowe HOA August 25, 11 Determine to what extent Germany can be blamed for starting WW1? I believe that Austria Hungary, Serbia, and Germany all share the blame of World War 1 with Germany having to bear most of the responsibility. The imperial potential of Germany created nervousness amongst other European countries and Germany’s aggressive foreign policy Weltpolitik , their ambitious expansionist aims, militaristic government, and increasing navy perpetuated this nervousness. . Germany first made Europe nervous by frequently imposing their aggressive foreign policy Welpolitik on sometimes already existing colonial territory (Morocco). Although Weltpolitik was a self-aggrandizing policy that only let Germany’s nationalism and militarism spiral further out of control and the relations between its rival Britain worsen is was not the major catalyst of the war. Germany’s main vice was its paranoia of encirclement during both the Bosnian and Balkan wars, which impelled it to make Austria-Hungary its unconditional ally. With Austria-Hungary and Germany joint at the hip it assured its ally that it would mobilize if Austria-Hungary went to war with Serbia. If Germany had not given Austria the blank cheque or the military backing in the first place Austria would have to have accepted Serbia’s amended ultimatum, but because Germany had pledged their undying support Austria was able to declare war on Serbia thus also dragging a precarious network of alliances with it. By 1900 Austrians were losing their grip on their multi ethnic empire. In response to the Serbians attempt to reduce Austro-Hungarian, Austria-Hungary adopted an aggressive foreign policy in order to reestablish its reign over the empire and crush Serbia’s aspirations. A now determined Austria Hungary continually provoked Serbia by addressing the Eastern Question
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