To What Extent Was Australia's Involvement In The Vietnam War

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Vietnam Writing Task. Australia became involved in the conflict in Vietnam after 1962 when it sent military advisers help the south in its war against the communist north. After 1965 regular soldiers were sent. Between 1965 and 1975 about 50 000 Australian soldiers served in Vietnam. Australia like many of the other western countries at the time was against communism. Communism is a theory that was first thought of by a German philosopher named Karl Marx. Communism worked when everyone was thought of and seen as equals. Everyone would receive the same wage and the same sized portion of food. They would also receive the same sized houses and compounds to live on to ensure that there were no rich and no poor and so that everyone was seen as…show more content…
He controlled how much money workers were paid, what they watched on TV and what job they would spend the rest of their life working in. Even though people were to be seen as equals in a communist country, the people hardly had any say in important country related matters. If a person in a communist country disagreed with the policies of that the government set out, he or she could not voice their opinion or they would be punished with a fine, imprisonment and even a beating. The Prime Minister controlled everything. No one is allowed to own a business because every shop open to the public in a communist country is owned solely by the government. Since all shops are owned by the government there is hardly any trade business with other countries. Communication is limited with the rest of the world and this leads to isolation. The country becomes self sufficient and totally isolated from the rest of the world. This is what happens in most communist countries. Most western countries did not like the idea of communism because no matter how hard you worked and no matter what extra work you completed you would always receive the same amount of pay each time. Since Australia is a highly developed country the thought of communism would not appeal to Australians. The Menzies government thought it’s their job to support South Vietnam in the war against the North so that it would eliminate communism once and for all

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