To What Extent Was Alexander Really Great

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Alexandra Romano Alexander.. Great? January 5th 2009 Alexander of Macedonia is arguably one of the greatest and most powerful men in history. He was definitely a very influential person for future leaders and his decisions shaped the way that todays leaders go about their duties. Judging by the character, military skills and political strategies of Alexander of Macedonia, it is just to conclude that he was in fact “great”. Alexander often used political strategies to further his success in a foreign area, gaining the respect of his future subjects; this being one way he earns the title “great”.…show more content…
Finally, another example of Alexander's political savvy is the fact that he never took slaves from him colonies to bring back to Macedonia. Instead of dictating over his colonies and taking slaves and prisoners of war, he gave his new subjects high ranking positions such as governors, generals and members of the Macedonian army. “Further to consolidate his empire Alexander drafted Persian cavalry into his own army and ordered 30,000 Persian boys to be trained in Macedonian combat techniques.” ( Bowra ) These political techniques were some of what made Alexander of Macedonia “great”. Alexander's commanding, charming and respectable personality was a large factor in what made him “great”. He gained the respect of his men and his empire by always being the leading force and setting an example. He would always lead him men in battle and constantly made personal connections to his soldiers, learning their names and thanking them for their efforts personally. This gained him the loyalty and respect from his military. Because he showed his devotion to

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