To What Extent to You Agree with the View That the Hazards Resulting from Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity Cannot Be Managed but Merely Adapted to.

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To what extent to you agree with the view that the hazards resulting from earthquakes and volcanic activity cannot be managed but merely adapted to. Earthquakes and volcanic activity are both nature disasters that human can’t control when or where it will happen and it may cause lots of death and economic loss. There is no way that we can stop it from being happened but we can definitely try to adapt it by many different ways. Firstly, volcanoes are found at destructive and constructive plate margins. At destructive plate margins, the oceanic plate goes under the continental plate due to it’s more dense, which is a process known as subduction. The oceanic plate moves down into the mantle entre the benioff zone where it’s melted and destroyed because a pool of magma formed. The magma then rises through the cracks in the crust called vents and it erupts on the surface forming a volcano. There are also different types of volcano for examples composite volcanoes, shield volcanoes and dome volcanoes. For constructive plate margins, the magma rises up into the gap that created by the plate move apart to form a volcano. After that for earthquakes, after that for the earthquakes, it occur at all three types of plate margins. They are caused by tension that build up at the plate margins, for destructive plate margins, the tension build up when one plate get stuck as it’s moving down past the other into the mantle. Then for constructive margins, the tension builds along cracks within the plates as they move away from each other. At last for conservations margins, the tension build up when plate are grinding past each other get stuck. Afterwards the plate will finally jerk past each other and sending out shock waves which is vibrations which is earthquakes. They both create lots of impact. For examples for the volcano eruption in Montserrat which is a LEDC, it cause 19
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