To What Extent Is the Use of Mass Surveillance Justified

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To what extent is the use of mass surveillance on the general public justified? To start off, mass surveillance is the use of technology for the monitoring of the general population mainly by the government. The reason for the use of such a degree of surveillance is in order to protect the general public as means of counter-terrorism. However the use of mass surveillance has been a controversial topic of debate for a long time, ever since the technology capable of monitoring every single citizen in the country was introduced. Although it wasn’t likely to have been put in the limelight of the public. Until this topic brought up again and further publicized following a recent event in the United States involving the National Security Agency (NSA for short) and Edward Snowden, who was a former employee in the agency, but has recently leaked several top secret information to the general public. The information that was spread was related to the agency’s plan to monitor every single U.S citizen in secret. As a result of this incident and how it may easily relate to everyone. This essay will aim to discuss and analyze the many different perspectives of this issue, whether or not it is ethically right to monitor the actions of each and every citizen, as well as finding out if the benefits that mass surveillance brings to the public outweigh the numerous suggested disadvantages that it may bring up. The generally accepted reason for the use of mass surveillance is to prevent crime, because with the use of cameras that are placed all over a city, this makes it easy for when an event of crime takes place in any area, the footage of the incident would be looked at and can be sent to the police for investigation purposes or as evidence. Which is why most arguments are that mass surveillance can help aid police investigations using the recorded footages. Some may argue that
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