To What Extent Is Othello Responsible For His Trag Essay

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Responsibility plays a large part in people’s lives in today’s modern society, but ‘responsibility’ has always been important from the very start of human’s lives on Earth. Wether it’s a man catching food for his family to eat, or in Othello’s case being responsible for his own actions; killing Desdemona and himself. Now we must question that like anything there must be a certain extent as to which someone can be responsible for their own actions. Maybe they have a mental disability, traumatic events happening in their life or being influenced by others to a level that they have no control over what they do or say. However, people still argue if one has one or more of these factors that they are still responsible for their actions no matter what the circumstances are, they should be able to fight their emotions to do what is right or wrong. Now is Othello completely responsible for killing Desdemona and his tragic demise or has his mind been manipulated by certain events and people, especially Iago? That is the question in hand. Iago, Othello’s trusted advisor had fought alongside Othello as a soldier for several years. Now at the beginning of the play, Iago is distraught and is feeling hard done by because he has been put aside from promotion and instead is replaced by Othello’s lieutenant in favour, Michael Cassio. We are first see Othello in Act One, Scene two when there is great intimacy between Iago and Othello. He shares with Iago about Roderigo’s treachery to the news of his marriage to Desdemona. As a very strong and powerfully good actor Iago is, he convinces Othello that he would kill Roderigo for is injustice wrong doings “Though in the trade of war I slain men”. It is not just Othello who doesn’t see through Iago’s poker face but practically all the characters underestimate Iago’s powers of deception. Iago is not made out to be your

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