To What Extent Is Conservatism the Ideology of Human Imperfection

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To what extent is conservatism the ideology of Human Imperfection? (45 marks) Human imperfections is a core belief of conservatism. Conservatives belief we are imperfect on three levels. One we are morally imperfect they believe that immoral and criminal behaviour can be traced back to the innately selfish and greedy individual rather than to problems within society as socialists or modern liberals would point too as the root cause. Conservatives have a pessimistic view of human nature, some would even agree with Hobbes view that the desire for “power after power” is the primary human urge. Two we are intellectually imperfect conservatives traditionally believe that the world is simply too complicated for human reason to fully grasp this leads them to trust in tradition as it is “Tried and tested” and it also explains there argument for letting society grow organically as conservatives would prefer to trust in nature then our own rationality this contrasts with both socialism and liberalism. Finally they believe we are psychologically imperfect conservatives believe we are security seeking, we fear isolation and instability and desire the security and belonging of “knowing are place” this is used as the argument for conservatives supporting social order as they accept Hobbes theory of a “Social contract” that individuals are willing to sacrifice liberty for the cause of social order. It is clear that traditionally conservatives strongly believed in human imperfection but too what extent the different strands of conservatism support this core principle differs. Strands that believe in the Human imperfection completely are traditional conservatives, authoritarian conservatives and paternalistic

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