To What Extent Does the World Have an Energy Crisis?

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To what extent does the world have an energy crisis? There has been an enormous increase in the global demand for energy in recent years due to rapid industrial development and population growth, especially in the less developed countries. The crisis will become when demand exceeds supply. A crisis like this can develop as a result of industrial actions such as strikes and government refusal for the movement of merchant ships in or out of ports. The cause of these could be over-consumption or prices rising at oil refineries. As a result of this an emergency may arise during cold winters due to increased consumption of energy. Another possible reason for an energy crisis globally could be, as to speak, smaller problems such as pipeline failures and other accidents. Infrastructure damage through severe weather could also cause a crisis. Attacks by terrorists or rebels on important infrastructure and pipelines are a big problem for energy consumers. A big contribution to the energy crisis and shortages are strikes in the Middle East. This is a big problem because the Middle East has the largest oil production than anywhere else, meaning if there are successful strikes in the Middle East, there will be a global energy shortage as there is nowhere else that supplies as much oil as they do. Although, the U.S is now the world’s third largest producer, about 65% of our known oil supply has already been burned. The U.S has 4% of the world’s population yet consumes 25% of the world’s oil supply. Oil, coal and natural gases combined supplies 85% of the world’s energy supply. Coal, nuclear and hydro power are mainly used to create electricity. Wind and solar energy may not account for much but they may be the future power, as they are sustainable. Oil accounts for 37% of the world’s energy; it is hugely versatile and powers almost all machines that move. It is clear we
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