To What Extent Do Our Senses Give Us Knowledge Of

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To what extent do our senses give us knowledge of the world as it really is? - Word count : 1,284 By: Nicole Allen Senses give us our first view of the world, without senses we wouldn’t be, we wouldn’t know, we wouldn’t see. It’s very easy to trust our senses for they are the main way we get to understand our world but how reliable really are our senses? Are we all imagining the world as we want too? Have we been influenced by them to think and act differently? Our senses give us primary knowledge of the world as it really is. Physically, we all see and smell the same things, the only difference being the power of some people’s senses compared to others. This gives us factual knowledge about the state of the world: what it looks like, smells like, sounds like. Senses also trigger emotional responses within us that differ from person to person. These emotional responses mean we associate what we sense with these elements of the world, and we acquire a personal knowledge and opinion of the world. All our first impressions and feeling of the world are acquired through the means of our senses. These impressions are our first take of the universe, we believe what we see and analyze it in our own personal way. Human beings trust their own senses. However sometimes our senses can be wrong. Even if science has the proof that our senses are incorrect, the human mind will find it impossible to believe. Let us take the example of the chessboard optical illusion (see picture 1). Directly our senses will lead us to believe that block A is darker then block B. Even after being told the two squares are the same shade of gray, the mind refuses to believe it, as the eye clearly sees two different colors. Only after placing both blocks together do we realize the truth. This shows us the power of senses, and how they have a strong impact on our

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