To What Extent Did the Unsatisfactory Outcome of World War 1 Lead to World War 2?

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Historical Essay: 9 To what extent did the unsatisfactory outcome of World War 1 lead to World War 2? The League of Nations was an establishment that was meant to be the combined authority of Europe. Instead, it became known as the collection of victors from the war without any military power. One of Wilson’s fourteen points was the creation of a League of Nations to finally combine the different nations under one roof and combine their powers to secure a safe and peaceful Europe. However, it failed to do so for a number of reasons, mainly the absence of Russia and the US leaving the League without sufficient military power to enforce their goals. This meant people like Mussolini could blindly disregard their demands without fear of consequences. The League that was meant as a way to ensure peace became nothing more than an object of laugh and resent further destabilizing Europe. During the aftermath of the Great War, Germany felt betrayed by the actions in Versailles. As a result, discontent brewed within Germany herself. When Germany accepted the war guild clause, they expected the inevitable treaty to be based entirely on Wilson’s fourteen points. The points were reasonable in the eyes of Germany, however, many were not kept and the treaty turned out to be the exact thing Germany feared from the start. Land was given away, the German military demilitarized and huge amounts of money to be paid in reparations. The result of what was, at least for Germans, an extremely unfair treaty, was that Germany was faced with extreme economical difficulties. As a result of the unexpectedly harsh treaty Germany fueled their own hate towards the other nations and nationalistic feelings arose. The Wall Street Crash 1929 was the ignition of the world wide great depression, the depression disrupted the flow of cash between the US, France and Germany and left Germany unable to
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