To What Extent Did Mussolini’s Economic Policies Improve the Standard of Living of Ordinary Italians in the Years 1922-43?

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To what extent did Mussolini’s economic policies improve the standard of living of ordinary Italians in the years 1922-43? Since Mussolini’s rise to power, one of his main goals for future Italy was to rebuild its economy so it was able to compete with other European nations. To accomplish this, Mussolini felt he would have to eliminate or weaken Trade Unions so that the state had more control over the working economy and people. Through his attempts to improve the Italian economy through various ‘battles’, Mussolini effected the living standards of many ordinary Italian people, sometimes for the worse. In his campaign for a greater Economy, Mussolini’s actions sometimes benefitted the Italian people by improving their living conditions. One example of this was his ‘Battle for Land’. The aim of this battle was to clear marshland to use for housing and farmland. The construction of these farms and houses also led to many people being employed to help in there construction. This battle improved the standard of living for Italians in two ways. The first of these is that it created jobs which allowed more working class Italians to earn an income to help provide for their families rather than live in poverty. The other was the improvement in the health of Italians living near the marshlands. This is due to the fact that the marshlands where full of disease, parasites and mosquitoes that spread malaria. By removing these marshes Mussolini helped eliminate malaria in Italy, drastically improving the standard of living in those areas. Another part of Mussolini’s economic plan was to modernise the rural south of Italy. Part of this plan was to construct roads to connect Italy. By connecting areas of the North to the South, Mussolini could begin his plan to modernise Southern Italy. These roads also would have improved the standard of living in Southern Italy. The roads
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