To What Extent Are Themes of the Romantic Era Evident in Wordsworth’s Poetry?

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To what extent are themes of the Romantic era evident in Wordsworth’s poetry? Powerful themes of the Romanic Movement are portrayed to an immense extent throughout the poetry of William Wordsworth. The late 18th century poems ‘The Daffodils’ and ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’ reveal the vast influence Romanticism had on his work. Wordsworth’s mastery of language techniques provided him with the ability to express his ideas thoroughly in relation to the being an aspect of nature, rebelling industrialisation, and the French Revolution. Wordsworth’s conveying of ideas which were fundamental to the Romantic era depicts his poetry as being influenced to a great extent. Being one with nature is explored by Wordsworth’s in his revealing poem titled ‘The Daffodils’. From the very first line of his renowned masterpiece Wordsworth captivates his audience with the simile “I wandered lonely as a cloud”. The comparison of his self to an incredibly isolated aspect of nature is made use of to set the overarching tone of the poem from the beginning. Furthermore, this comparison makes obvious to the responder that he considers himself to be one with nature. Wordsworth’s exploration of this prominent romantic theme reveals the profound impact Romanticism had on the poem. Anti-Industrialisation beliefs are expressed by Wordsworth in ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’. Wordsworth writes “A sight so touching in its majesty: this city now doth, like a garment wear”, using a simile to describe the tranquil beauty of the London night. London during the industrial revolution was known as a smog covered city due to the prevalence of factory pollution. However, this insight reveals that Wordsworth believes London to only be beautiful only when in the evenings, where upon it returns to nature. It can therefore be deduced that Wordsworth held belief in the Romantic notion that

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