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To Vaccinate Cathy Albano Rasmussen College Author Note This paper is being submitted on July 12, 2014, for Dr. Laura Cleveland’s M232/MEA2203 Pathophysiology Summer Quarter 2014. To Vaccinate A battle against rabies in humans, in order to prevent this, animals must be vaccinated along with humans, over ninety-nine percent of all rabies infections in humans are from an animal bites. Rabies breaks down the immune system and spreads to the brain stem causing a dangerous affect which leads to death. It is imperative to have animals vaccinated to prevent them from getting the rabies virus, which in turn can be contracted to a human through a bite. It is estimated that nearly 55,000 human deaths occur from rabies, due to not being…show more content…
During the first week it proved to be a success. WHO vaccination booster proved to be effective to those who had been vaccinated and exposed to rabies. The risk for rabies are a viral load bite, a vaccination injection into a bite wound of an infected human is proven to be life, saving. Far from controlling the canine rabies infections, yet have dramatic impact on humans that have the rabies virus or have been exposed to rabies. There have been over 2,000 estimated deaths in China due to pets infecting their owner. Blackwell, W., Wilde, H., Wacharapluesadee, S., Lumlertdacha, B., & Hemachudha, T. (2013). Human rabies prevention (comment from a canine-rabies-endemic region). Journal of Travel Medicine, Vol. 20(3), 139-142. Rabies is a terrifying agonizing disease that causes neurological damage and death in animals as well as humans. This is a very deadly virus and can take a toll on any animal and human. Once infected with the rabies virus it attacks the brain stem making the host become very agitated and have aggressive behavior towards others. Ideally there should be a national reference laboratory in order to properly diagnose the virus, consisting of branches in every state. This way individuals as well as animals can receive the proper vaccinations and treatment if they are infected with the rabies
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