To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate Essay

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To Vaccinate or not vaccinate Leota Pollard M232/MEA2203 Section 16 Pathophysiology Carr, Janna There is a debate raging across the nation that has nothing to do with elections, though it does have something to do with government. It is a debate that has been raging for years and, though it may seem to boil down to a single question, it has more than just two sides to vaccinate or not vaccinate your children. I would have to say I am all for vaccinate my children are both vaccinated I just wish it could have been done a little at a time my oldest son is allergic to Pertussis we found out the hard way spending nine hours in an ER. [Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two Lines] Vaccinate I am all for vaccinating my two kids had all of their shots accepted the flu shot and that is because they said that was up to use because my oldest has asthma and I have been told yes get the flu shot then told no don’t. I have done hour of reading on the computer and from what I can tell from doctors and other parents I made the right choice for my kids. Are Vaccinations Dangerous? Many times, when parents begin to listen to the controversies surrounding childhood vaccinations, they start to question whether vaccinations are safe for their children. Before you decide that vaccinations are dangerous due to the risk of side effects, ask yourself about the medications you have given your child. Does the fever-reducing pill have potential side effects? The fact of the matter is that any medication has a potential for side effects - vaccinations are no different. There is always going to be a side effect to shots or something but as a mom my kids will always get there shots. I hope you all make the right choices for your kids. References By Amanda Morin Updated on Sep 26,
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