To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate Essay

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Vaccination improved immunity of the body system. A strong immunity helps protecting body from diseases. By taking vaccination, a person can build immunity against an infection without suffering from the disease. Hence it is advisable to take vaccinations right from the childhood. Vaccination is an invention of advances in medical science. Vaccines contain the bacteria or viruses that have been killed or weakened so that they cannot cause disease. When a person is vaccinated these microbes enter the body and stimulate the immune system to make antibodies. This enables the body to fight off the real microbes. These vaccines are prepared after long and careful review by scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals. Hence they are very safe. They may have some side effects like nausea or fever. It may also cause discomfort like pain. But it’s much better than suffering from the disease. Vaccines can protect against many diseases. Because of vaccines some epidemic diseases have been completely eliminated. One example of such disease is polio and diphtheria. But if we stop taking vaccination for such diseases, it may come back. Vaccination is just not to protect ourselves and our children. It is to protect the entire future generation. Unless the disease is 100% eliminated from the entire world, it’s important to keep taking vaccines. If more parents have their children vaccinated, then more children in the community will be protected against catching an illness. This lowers the chance of an outbreak of the disease. If children are vaccinated, it reduces the risk of pregnant women passing the virus on to their fetus or newborn. A child can be denied attendance at schools or child care facilities if the child is not vaccinated as per the government guideline. Some diseases that can otherwise be prevented by vaccination can result in prolonged disabilities
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