To Touch A Grieving Heart

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To Touch A Grieving Heart To Touch A Grieving Heart shows the very nature of grief and how it affects the very nature of humans as emotional and spiritual beings trap in a world full of uncertainty. The movie presented a powerful understanding of grief wherein the complex nature of human beings tends to create unique ways of how to response to it. It also shows the importance of grieving the right way wherein we see life and death are intertwined with each other which make our existence a colorful mixture of uncertainty, experiences and memories that are both good and bad, which makes this life a masterpiece of abstract truths we must accept. No one can escape death, being trapped in this fragile world full of uncertainty we as humans equipped with intelligence and surviving capabilities must of course used these innate tools in a form of pro-active response to it so that we can move on. No one is powerful enough to resist the pain of losing someone dear to us, time seems to play a very vital rule in healing the wounded soul wherein anyone who is in the process of grieving is free to express in anyway he or she wants. This movie had greatly helped me understand the process of grief and how we can touch grieving hearts in healthy ways. It have also taught me that the importance of sharing one’s story, feelings, grief or sadness, learning lessons from others who are in similar situations. To Touch A Grieving Heart opens the example of unique and pro-active understanding of grief itself, its importance of expressing it in our own unique way in which by doing so it would help us to consolidate strength that could help us move
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