Overthink In Hamlet

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To Think, or Not To Think In “Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” by Shakespeare, the main character, Hamlet is obsessed with overthinking and lack of action. Chronic overthinking impairs his judgment and ability to reason, and function normally. His obsession makes him irrational and paranoid, and eventually initiates invasion of destructive suicidal thoughts. His scattered thoughts hinder him from his quest and ends in loosing his status, his love and his life. There are many “Hamlets” in modern life, who opt out their quests. They are overthinkers who underachieve. Hamlet is indeed suffering from analysis paralysis; overanalyzing every situation so that a decision is never maid. As Shakespeare reveals, his actions are captivated by his…show more content…
While Claudius’s prayers is not honest, Hamlet reasons killing him “in the purging of his soul” will sends him to heaven (Shakespeare p.84 III.III). Surprisingly, in spite of the fact that Hamlet is incapable of making decisions individually, he is disposed to take orders from a ghost. In fact, it is overthinking that deprives his autonomy. Equal situation is observed nowadays as well. The elevated individual’s choices in modern life, from careers we choose to peruse, to foods we eat, offers so much variety. Moreover, busy modern lifestyle brings more stress and weaker social bonds. Difficult decisions among numerous choices, exacerbated by stressful conditions, are one of the main reasons that push people to overthinking. Yet to me, overthinking impasse is proven in an old-fashioned way. Hamlet’s story is an indication of my first romantic experience. Mixed with bold emotions and passion, first love is always thrilling. Exploring an unfamiliar territory, along with experiencing the most unfamiliar feelings, left me so clueless and frightened that overthinking was utterly inevitable. Romance is interesting in this way that the lover is content to expense and devote
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