to the foolish and wise Essay

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To the wise and foolishShare There are things about me that I do that have alot of people perplexed and shit, these same persons have also claimed that I am going through a phase and need to get over it as soon as possible ,some label it as depression others say I am just being rebellious. Time for me to set some a unuh straight. 1. I smoke ,I smoke weed I smoke cigarettes and I enjoy doing it ,I smoke to relax my mind ,because if I didn’t most of u little witches would be dead by now 2.I drink ,I drink because it makes me happy ,nothing gives me greater pleasure than when I have a smoke in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other , thins are a lot clearer and many of my greatest inventions where created under the affluence of incholo. 3. I swear fuck yes I swear who the mumma bloodclat doesn’t if you never rasspussybumboclat swear you would go fucking stark raving mad.. and believe me anyone who doesn’t swear is an idiot and a very high candidate for high blood pressure 4. I talk about sex A LOT for a lady. Firstly who the hell told you I was a lady? Secondly what am I suppose to speak about, the last time I made a casserole and the cute bed spreads I just bought? Listen to mi yah I enjoy discussing pleasures and pains of sexual intercourse 5. I speak loudly, hear mi man would you have fucking heard what I said just now if I was whispering? Dumb ass 6. I have no respect for peoples feelings, those who know me know that I tell yah as it is suck you and your feelings if you want me to be that in touch with your feelings ,throw yourself under a bus, I may feel sorry for you then but then again there IS a high chance I may not 7. I party a lot cause partying is in my blood ,I am half black and half Indian. what the fuck else am I to do with all that mixed blood .i will NOT stay home and read a good book on a Friday night not when Stone

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