To Tan or Not to Tan Essay

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I look in the mirror and notice an odd looking bump on my on my face; somehow I know immediately it is skin cancer. After a trip to the doctors and a week of waiting for the results to come back, my suspicions are confirmed. As I lay staring up at the ceiling, waiting to see if they removed it all, I can’t help but wonder why tanning salons are not better regulated in the information they give to their customers. Tanning salons are allowed a great deal of latitude in their claims and a few grossly misinform. Some salons state that they are safe and because it is a controlled tanning environment, it is better for you than being in the sun (ITA). Tanning salon owners should have to be truthful in the effects that tanning beds have on your skin, because it will allow tanning customers to make an informed choice. There are warnings and then there are WARNINGS. Telling someone to be careful where they walk because they may step in a pile of dog-poo, is very different than telling someone that if they take another step they’re going to fall off a cliff. Currently, if you walk into many tanning salons and ask what the dangers of tanning are, you very likely will be told that if you do not burn, you will be fine. You may also be encouraged to use a higher pressure bed to screen out the “bad rays.” According to James at Celebrity Tan, the UVA beds (high pressure) screen out all of the bad rays (UVB) so that it is impossible for you to burn; and since burning is what causes skin cancer, you will be safe. When in truth, the UVA beds actually burn the deeper layers of skin and can be as much as 10 to 15 times more powerful than the mid-day sun (“BU”). Tanning salons also promote a safe and controlled way to get vitamin D. On the Indoor Tanning Association’s website under their FAQ section, “Is moderate exposure to the sun or ultraviolet light (UV) good for your

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