To Study Or Not To Study Essay

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It was the day of a final exam in my math class last semester. I confidently walked to class and silently slipped into my seat ten minutes before class started. I looked to my right and I saw a guy flipping through his notes profusely. He had beads of sweat running down his face. His hands were shaking and he looked nervous. I looked to my left and saw a girl sitting quietly in her chair with an empty desk and a pencil in her hand. In that moment I thought to myself, “Who’s going to do better on this test, the guy who’s nervous, or the girl who looks confident?” I knew my answer right away. The girl who studied the right way is going to do a lot better than the guy who studied the wrong way. I’m glad I was in the same boat as the girl who studied the right way. With my grade on the line, I would want to study the right way by taking my time, doing the study guide for practice, and asking questions when I need help beforehand, instead of cramming and doing none of the proper studying strategies. Just sitting next to the sweaty guy made me nervous for him. I could only imagine how he studied. I sat there visualizing him at his desk in his bedroom the night before. In my head I saw him looking through every nook and cranny in his room for his study guide. He looked in his drawers, in his backpack, under his bed, and every pant pocket he owned. No such luck. There went his chance of studying with his study guide. I then saw him flipping through his notes and his book, getting stuck on a few problems wishing he could call up his professor for a mini lesson, but he knew that wasn’t possible. I saw him getting so frustrated that he gave up the whole studying bit. Instead, he knelt next to his bed and sent out a little prayer to do good on this exam. We all know how much help that would give him. Poor guy, imagine sitting in class the day of the final exam, being

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