To Strive Essay

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Luckily, I’ve been given the opportunity to grow up in a pseudo-perfect world (to some), as I have never been forced to encounter issues such as starvation, brutality, natural horror, etc. Due to this, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to face such issues, or what I would be like if I were pampered constantly without any need. Another observation I’ve made is that Americans strive for a world that is perfect and flawless, a utopia. Our foolish attempt is through creating jobs such as engineers who can conduct research, and thereafter solve the problems of the world. However, we live in a dystopia where the human race tends towards imbalance, but striving for a perfect land can make ones dystopia become a utopia. An example of this strive is shown in, “Your Mother and I,” whilst an example of the imbalance is displayed in, “When They Learned to Yelp.” These are two stories written by Dave Egger’s, who contrasts these opposite types of futures. Furthermore, after reading these stories, I have come to the conclusion that a utopia exists as an unrealistic thought, a place what the society would hope for. I also believe that in, “When They Learned to Yelp” Egger’s mentions a more realistic type of future, hence the dystopia. In “Your Mother and I”, the father consults with his daughter; praising about the problems he and his wife had solved in order to make the world as a paradise. He solves problems such as global warming, genocide, AIDS, and power conversion. The father makes it seem that he and his wife change the world to become a utopia as if it were a piece of cake. For example, when deporting the lobbyists, the mother and father send them off to Greenland as if they were willingly leaving Washington. “The idea just took off.” (Egger 117). No rebellion takes place. Everything goes smoothly and people do not show their reaction to the change. However,
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