To Smoke or Not to Smoke Essay

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* How does Ball use operations management to stay competitive in the metal beverage containers industry? What keeps Ball from offshore outsourcing its production process? Ball use the following operations management to stay competitive: * Focusing on Customers – meeting customer’s needs and demands. * Maintaining Close Relationship with Suppliers and Partners – Working with their customer such as Coors who they created a unique special can (“vented end”) for their new products (innovation). * Practicing Continuous Improvement – They are always looking into many techniques to improve productivity and developing techniques like the making the aluminum cans lighter (uses less raw materials). * Focusing on Quality – Because damaged goods makes no profit they use a very high-tech machines that will check cans to ensure there are no holes or damages before they get into a further completion. * Saving on Cost through site selection – Facilities are wisely and strategically selected at the area where their suppliers and customers are conveniently close by. This saves so much money for transporting their products. * Utilizing the Internet – Although they are a B2B company they try to make everyone aware that they are too is a brand that is producing packages for branded products we all know and they do exist in America (they use Facebook and other social network sites to advertise their products and services). * Adopting new Production Techniques – They are always thinking of many ways to be productively sufficient and efficient by improving their facility lay out and their robotic machineries. The “Just in Time” technique is method they use to accommodate customers who may have a sudden vast orders or if other facilities were unable to produce on time. I like the fact that they encouraged people to recycle their products and return to

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