To Serve and Protect Essay

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A common question has been rising from the voices of many politicians, is the United States Prison system worth the cost? A better question might be, is paying a little extra worth keeping this effective system or would one rather see the filth and crime spill onto the streets and into neighborhoods of innocent unsuspecting civilians? Is risking public safety really worth saving a bit of tax dollars? One then must see that there should not be a price on the safety of the mass. There should be no release of large amounts of convicted criminals. There should be no modification or reformation of the United States Prison system. Though the argument of overcrowding may arise the solution does not become a release of thousands of convicted felons. Releasing a criminal into society and onto our streets merely creates problems and injects fear into honest living citizens. President Steve Ipsen of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys is quoted saying, “…criminals who are sentenced to prison are now being released after serving only half, or less, of their sentence…” which is quite frightening considering that according to Prisons Department statistics close to half the prisoners released from prison revert to crime, fortunately most are apprehended and later return to prison. The thought still remains, what is to come of those who are not a part of the statistics those who may still commit the crimes but are now free from prison? Now free from captivity these ex-convicts become free to roam every city and every neighborhood. According to an article by the New York Times the prison system in California alone has about 150,000 convicted criminals locked behind bars and kept safely away from the public. The system proves it works and justice continues to thrive. In a world so corrupt reform is the last thing we need. A firm prison system is intended to help the public

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