To Put It at Its Most Basic, Women Want Resources and Men Want to Spread Their Genes.’ Essay

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‘To put it at its most basic, women want resources and men want to spread their genes.’ Discuss the evolutionary approach to explaining parental investment in humans e.g. sex differences, parent-offspring conflict. Men and women both have different sexual preferences and behaviours which may have been shaped by evolution, the evolutionary theory of relationships believes that the reproductive behaviours of men and women today have their origins in the evolutionary past and exist because they provided survival or reproductive advantages to out ancestors. Men and women seek different qualities in a relationship and in partner selection, a women looks for resources and a male seeks to spread his genes. David Buss (1989) conducted a cross cultural study looking at partner preferences in both genders, data was collected from a total of 4,601 men and 5,446 women aged between 18 and 28. Buss found a difference between the qualities a male seeks in a women and the qualities a women seeks in a male, the male looks for physical attractiveness in a women whereas the women is more interested in the financial capacity of their potential partners and qualities such as success, ambition and industriousness, Buss’ findings support the idea that women are primarily interested in resources and men in spreading their genetics. David Buss’ research was cross-cultural which eliminates cultural bias and allows Buss’ research to be more valid. Bailey and Zucker (1995) found that both gay and straight males showed large interest in the attractiveness of their partners and were un-interested in their financial status. men and women also show differences in reproductive behaviours. It has been suggested than males are more likely to have one night stands and short term sexual relationships than women as there are fewer costs for males, this suggestion was showed by Hatfield’s

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