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GameaVision - Passing as a Man To pass as a man “Mitch” does a variety of socially expected male behaviors such as slandering and demeaning the women in the work place, constantly reaffirming the heterosexual and dominating desire he ought have, and even attaching himself to certain reckless and harmful behaviors. For instance, when Mitch first meets Clare there is a sense of distance that is created between the two due to the assumptions that he will and should be hitting on the female receptionist but the next time the two share the scene Mitch has learned how to “pass”. To be seen as a man from his fellow male co-workers Mitch begins to make slanderous and provocative passings at Clare. At first the comments seemed force, as he announces…show more content…
When the men in the work place make sexual advances towards Clare or degrade women and each other nothing seems out of the ordinary in fact it seems natural for such masculine based behaviors to be presented. However, when anyone, male or female, shows signs of any female oriented ideal or emotion they are immediately condoned for it and made to feel ashamed. For instance, when Mary begins to cry her boss cracks a joke about women not being able to hold their water. This statement devalues the emotion presented making it appear to be a sign of weakness that only women are capable of and ultimately feeds back into the patriarchy mentality of the dominance of the men over the submissive female. This sense of empowerment given to men in the work force again delivers them the benefit of feeling safe with their ‘authoritative’ actions and behaviors making them feel more at ease within GameaVision. In a similar context another benefit that is seen is the ability to create relationship more freely with the other workers. Basically the Clare and even Mary seem to outcasted from the inner social working of GameaVision where as the others allowed to form what seems to be more a friendship based relationship. Even though Dave constantly bashes Jerry he still has the ability to have a more casual interpersonal relation with him which allows Jerry to become a friend instead of just a co-worker. Even as Mary becomes Mitch she is able to enter into the once impenetrable male dominated social circle. He is not only asked to have drinks with the boss but is also invited into the secret showers, which only the men are privy to, to join in on ‘group shower time’ once she becomes a he. One last benefit the men at this establishment are able to reap is that of obtaining power/ progression more rapidly. This is mainly

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