To Live and Die in the Suburbs Essay

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To Live And Die In The Suburbs New York City is currently home to well over eight million people. It is a lively place, where a largely diverse population forges many unique individuals. People of different ethnic backgrounds, social status’, religious worships, political beliefs, sexual preferences, et cetera all live in unison in New York City, and the diffusion of these cultures creates a uniqueness in every person that resides there. In contrast, the suburbs are a place where these unique individuals go to lose their originality, where their roles in society are strictly defined. The suburbs are a place where people are constantly being assimilated into the norm, becoming more of a robot, following orders and trends, than a living, thinking human being. This idea is displayed in Bryan Forbes’ “The Stepford Wives”(1975), where lead character Joanna Eberhart and her family leave the uniqueness of New York City for the tedious life of Stepford, Connecticut. Previous to moving into the suburb of Stepford, Joanna was an aspiring photographer who was involved in the Woman’s Liberation movement of the time; in short, moving to the suburbs was not an ideal choice for her. Joanna was energetic and outgoing; she was not equipped for the monotonous life that living in an American suburb provides. But by the end of the film, she too would be assimilated into the suburban culture, losing what she once was and becoming more robot than human in the process, in both a literal and figurative sense. The first factor of living in the suburbs that causes the disintegration of Joanna’s personality is the distance that living in the suburbs creates between its people. In the most immediate way, living in the suburbs creates distance between families. The Eberhart’s went from living in an apartment in New York City, where the confined space caused the family to be close at

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